Who we are?

Reina Café is a herbal drink café who promote herbal drinking tradition in the urban society. Our café best known for tasty and nutritious herbal drink. It also suitable as a place for family time and hanging out with friend.

Reina Café opened on 9 April 2012 in Solo. Reina’s name is taken from the name of family member who made it: Retno (mother), Indra (son), and Ayu (daughter). They concern to healthy life and treatment by traditional recipes from ancestor. Reina represent regeneration of herbal drink. They innovate the herbal drink to suit to three generations: elders, young, and kids.

Reina expand the business in some cities under CV Citarasa Rempahh Indonesia. Reina also develops store of healthy, organic, and green products named “REINATURE STORE”.


Promote herbal drink as a Indonesia and local culture, preserving herbal drink culture, and also promote herbal drink to the world.


Preserving drinking herbal drink culture to Indonesian and the world community, and also educate people about herbal drink and healthy life.

What we use?

Our recipes made from traditional recipes from generation to generation developed by our herbalist, who has 30 years experienced in herbal research. Our ingredients is made from natural herbs taken from our non GMO natural small farm. We manage our farm with community empowerment bases.

Local Wisdom for our future