The historical existence of Birr Pletok cannot be separated from the presence of the dutch during the colonial period. They came at once also brought their culture, including the habit of drinking beer or wine at parties. Birr pletok, which was created from the Betawi community, then took the initiative and created a beer-like drink as a counter culture. Finally, a concoction was created which was formulated from spice extracts which became popularly known as ‘bir pletok’. Birr Pletok is an imitation of alcoholic beer which is usually used as a party drink by the Dutch. Birr Pletok is made in the same color as beer, which is brownish red, made from spice extracts, and does not contain alcohol so it is not intoxicating. While the name ‘pletok’ in Birr Pletok , is taken from the sound that comes out when the wine cover is opened. If the wooden stopper that is usually used to cover wine bottles is pulled, there is a sound like a ‘plop’ or a ‘pletok’. That sound is used by the Betawi people to name their drinks. So then the drink was famous as Birr Pletok. Besides being efficacious to warm the body, especially when drunk warm, birr pletok is also believed to be efficacious to accelerate blood circulation. Reina’s house is again mixed with awareness and love for culture and ancestral heritage so that this drink can be served again in the present.

Ingredients : Emprit ginger, nutmeg, lemongrass, cinnamon, clove, pandanus, sappan wood, cardamom, black pepper, lime leaves, arenga sugar (separated).

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