Who wants to get glowing skin as well as increased body energy? Get these special benefits by consuming Reina’s Jamu product! (we deliver Jamu Fresh only in Bali area)

Hi Reina Lovers! If you want to have glowing skin, then you must try one of our products, namely the Jamu Original Series which are made from natural ingredients, such as: Tamarind Turmeric, Betel, Aromatic Ginger Rice, Curcuma, and Tamarind Sugar. These product do not use artificial sweeteners or food preservatives. All ingredients is 100% natural herbs with the best quality!

Benefits of the Jamu Original Series Herbal Medicine:

• Tamarind Turmeric
Increase metabolism, maintain weight, neutralise toxins, prevent premature aging and brighten skin.

• Betel
Improve blood circulation, sooth sore throats, cellular detoxification and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

• Aromatic Ginger Rice
Increase vitality and relieve flu, coughs and muscle sore.

• Curcuma
Detoxify the liver, help the digestive system naturally, prevent cancer and reduce the risk of kidney problems.

• Tamarind Sugar
Brighten the skin, increase endurance, prevent acne, and refresh the body.

Jamu Original Series can be consumed by teenagers and adults.

The Jamu Original Series Herbal Medicine is all ready to drink.

How to Store the Jamu Original Series Herbal Medicine:
– The Jamu can last for 3 days after the cap opened
– Expiration in 1 month when using pasteurization* process
– Non pasteurization can last for 1 week
– Free sugar or less sugar or normal sugar are as requested

*Pasteurization is a natural preservation process

Available in 250 ml and 500 ml, all in glass bottle. Get cashback when returning the glass bottle.

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