Wedang Immuno is created by Made Ayu Aryani (CEO & Founder Rumah Reina) during Covid pandemic time. This Wedang Immuno recipe is inspired by Mr. Jokowi, Indonesian President, where Jokowi drinks Jamu made from turmeric, curcuma, and ginger everyday before starting his day. Health benefits of this warm Wedang Immuno includes maintain liver function, warm the body, help reduce muscle sore, prevent virus/bacteria to get into our body.  Then, Made Ayu adds other Indonesian medicinal herbal plant species which has been researched by herbalists to enhance body immune system. The medicinal plant is called “Meniran” leaf in Bahasa or Paper Phyllanthus urinaria. Also, adding few other secondary herbal plants to strengthen the flavors, as well as relax the body, which the kind of optimum benefit we want to get by drinking this Jamu. This Wedang Immuno is safe to consume daily to promote our body immune system health.

Ingredients: Javanese ginger (Curcuma zanthorrhiza), turmeric, small sized ginger (Zingiber officinale var. amarum), lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, lime, Meniran leaf (Phyllanthus urinaria)

Netto : 102 gram

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