Wedang Tanjung was created by Made Ayu Aryani and Mrs. Retno Hernayani where at that time Ayu reconstructed an ancient from Serat Jampi Jawa and Serat Centhini. Where past herbal recipes are written on the fibers. She mixes on of the medicinal plants from a tanjung tree, and Ayu takes tanjung leaves as the main ingredient in this Wedang. With its beneficial functions for the health of the body from preventing and reducing fatigue, she then discussed with his mother to add some medicinal plants the provide similar functions so as to produce benefits for our body, mind and spirit based on these ancient fibers. The concoction of tanjung leaves, cubeb and other spices helps in relaxing the body, relieving headaches, and calming the mind and soul so that you get quality sleep and refresh the body back to activities.

Ingredients: Tanjung leaves (Mumusops elengi), cloves, piper cubeba, cardamom, butterfly pea flowers, cinnamon, fennel, arenga sugar (packed separately)

Netto : 30 gram

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